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About Us

Hero Life Sciences: A Personal Protective Equipment Company


Our Mission:

Hero Life is determined to save lives by providing preventive solutions that are trusted and effective.

“American lives are valuable, and our California based company is determined to help save lives,” “The search for PPE products should not add to an already overburdened stress level.

Disposable face masks are products each of us will need to wear every day until there is a solution. Until there’s a cure, there is only prevention.

Our company is meeting this challenge head-on by increasing production in our Corona City manufacturing facility to serve the 40 billion disposable face masks market. We want you to know and trust where your masks are coming from – made in America, by Americans, for Americans.”

Hero Life Sciences is an initiative of AV Ventures, a designer of apparels distributed across the United States and Bliss Solutions, a company that provides solutions around personal development. The venture is focusing on manufacturing 3 ply disposable face masks in boxes of 20 and 50. These masks will be suitable for men, women, and children of all ages.

Hero Life Sciences’ disposable face masks will be available for purchase by consumers, organizations, and frontline workers by the beginning of September 2020.

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Address: 137 N. Joy St. Corona, CA 92879 USA