ZEHN-X WIPES (180 ct)

ZEHN-X WIPES (180 ct)

Hero Life Sciences
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Zehn-X 180ct Sanitizing Wipe Canisters clean, protect and sanitize. Our 180ct extra strength formula is in the EPA approval process and will have that soon! Our active ingredient are Quaternary Ammonium Compounds. You will see Quaternary Ammonium compounds are on the EPAs N-list which they deem effective against Covid-19.

  • Safe and effective

  • 25 percent more moisture

  • Extra Strength Formula.

  • Made with Natural Ingredients.

  • Cleaning wipes: 180 per container

  • Wipe Size 6"x8"

  • Case size: 12 units per case

Contains no phosphorus, phthalate, and paraben-free.  Triclosan free, synthetic fragrance-free. MADE WITH ORGANIC INGREDIENTS.

Disinfection Information

  • Zehn-X proprietary formula uses Lonza 4250Z (EPA Registration Number 6836-26) as the active ingredient.  Under normal conditions, Zehn-X would obtain a supplemental registration from Lonza and sell under the existing EPA Registration number.  Since the initial outbreak of SARS-COV-2 all chemical manufacturers have ceased to provide supplemental registrations. Although redundant (because the Lonza product is already EPA registered), ZEHN-X  is well on the path to obtaining their own EPA Product Registration (EPA Number 96193).